Project name:

Increasing the productivity and technological level of “BIM” Kft in response to the challenges generated by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Goal of the project:
The main goal of our project is to provide high quality products to our existing and future business partners according to their needs. With the help of the procured equipment our company can provide faster delivery dates and higher quality level. Our company will be able to reach new potential customers and produce products to them on favorable price with high accuracy and high speed which means market advantage over the Far Eastern and regional competitors.

The procured equipment:
HCA30T -high speed coiler machine

Gross amount of the procurement: 22 312 500 Ft

Amount of the contracted suport: 15 618 750 Ft

Intensity of the support: 70 %

Planned time of project implementation: 2020.07.30.-2021.07.30.