The more than 30 years of experience and work in the spring industry prove, that BIM KFT‘s products meet with the highest requirements, the production process meets with the expectations and the process is able to adapt for the new needs in the industry. Our goodwill which the company built , and the quality of our products are the evidence that BIM KFT is an important part of the Hungarian spring industry.

Unique in Hungary, that our products can be coiled by hot and cold forming too.

Compression spring
Cold and hot coiling.
Raw material diameter: 0,2 mm – 55 mm 
Maximum outer diameter: 540 mm 

Extension spring
Cold and hot coiling. 
Raw material diameter: 0,4 mm – 20 mm ( 30 mm ) 

Torsion spring and wire form 
Raw material diameter: 0,4 mm – 10 mm 

Disc spring

Leaf spring
Hot forming. 
Railway and truck leaf springs.. 
Raw material thickness: 10 mm – 55 mm 
Raw material width: 70 mm – 120 mm

Fasteners and locking elements 
Raw material diameter: 1 mm – 10 mm 

Strip spring
Raw material thickness: 0,2 mm – 1,2 mm 
Raw material width: max. 30 mm 

Constant force spring
Raw material thickness: 0,2-1,2 mm
Raw material width: 4 – 12 mm